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Mission: No Child Hungry


Mission: No Child Homeless


Mission: Every Girl in School


Let’s win the Fight Against Hunger

Our Mission: To deliver 15 Million Meals to school children every year. And all it requires is 2,000 donors, who are willing to donate ₹3,000 every month and 50,000 hungry children can be fed one hot meal every school day in several states across the whole country.

Mission: 15 Million Meals

Out of every three malnourished children, one of them lives in India. It is heart-breaking to see children going hungry to school. This further results in lack of concentration and reduced cognitive development, which leads to the children, leaving the school.

So Join hands with us in our mission to prevent children from going hungry. Help us in helping the children in need.


1 in 3

India has one-third of world’s malnourished children.


2 in 3

Children who are less than 5 years old, have a high chance of dying from malnutrition.


98.8 M

98.8 M children deprived of midday meals at school, during COVID-19

Feed a hungry child

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We always make sure that all the necessary checks are done on all nonprofits and their related projects. Your donation amount will help someone in their hour of need and bring a smile of joy to that person’s world. 

Some of Our Success Stories

What our beneficiaries say

13-year-old Arushi loves to sing and study maths. She is the only daughter of her father and mother, Her father drives an auto-rickshaw for earning the family bread. But due to financial problems at home, she had to leave her school. When “Unique Charitable’s team”, heard of her problem, we immediately called her, to help her. Now she is going back to school and scoring good marks. Our team assisted her financially family and we are happy that we were able to bring a change in someone’s life.

Children like Arushi need your support

What our beneficiaries say

Sumit is a Class X student and resides in rural area. He has a keen interest towards protection of enbvironment. He plants trees in his village, whenever he gets time. Our foundation has assisted him financially in making the world, a more greener place.

Help students like Sumit in achieving their dreams

What our beneficiaries say

Mrs.Avanti is an 80 year old elder woman. She has nowhere to live and sometimes isn’t even able to get one meal per day. Our team has arranged two healthy meals for her per day. We have also arranged a place for her to live. She says, “It’s good to see that people still want to help each other”.

Help students like Suman achieve their dreams

Help abandoned elderly like Awanti live with dignity

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