Help In Educating A Poor Child (Children)

A large of children in India are unable to complete their school education due to financial complications.

Our mission is to ensure that no child drops out of school.

Help A Child In Need | Donate For His Education

A large section of children in India lives in extreme poverty. And are thus unable to afford the expenses of education. The children need proper healthcare and equal educational opportunities.

So help a child in need by making a donation. Your good deed will change a child’s life.

Unique Charitable Foundation has a holistic approach when it comes to helping children in need. Our aim is to make sure that no child sleeps hungry, every child has equal educational opportunities, no child remains homeless.

Help a child in need by making a donation. You will periodic updates about the beneficiary, whose life your donation will make an impact on.

How Your Donation Will Make An Impact ?

  • Any amount you donate, will be utilised solely for the purpose of helping the child in need.
  • You will receive periodic updates about the beneficiary’s progress.
  • You can avail tax exemption on your donation.
  • Your donation will make sure that somewhere a child does not sleep hungry, has a home and is able to study for a good life.
Help a child in need and bring a smile to child’s life by making a donation.

Joining our mission is the most impactful way to give

Know your beneficiary, we’ll share their name, picture and more

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Learn how you make a change in their lives through our reports


Every beneficiary you support is under the care of Uniquecharity nonprofits


Your choice to give monthly will make a long-lasting impact


Support the treatment of a baby at risk


Feed nutritious meals to a poor rural child


Support a child suffering from cancer with monthly rations


Support the living expenses of an orphan with HIV


Sponsor events celebrations for poor kids living in slums

Understanding The Cause: Help A Child In Need

Your donation will help poor children in fighting their way out of poverty. The children in need are unable to afford necessities like food, shelter, and clothing. As a result, education becomes a luxury that the poor give up. This further results in an increase in Illiteracy among children.

Donate to help a child in need, support them with fees, school supplies, footwear, transport. So that they can have a good future ahead.

Mid-day Meals

21% of India’s children are underweight. They are unable to even afford two meals a day. So for India’s poor children, the mid-day meal at school is the only proper meal they get during the day.

Help a child in need by donating mid-day meals to our starving children in need to help them fight starvation and malnutrition, so they don’t have to live their life in a state of starvation. Your donation will bring food to someone’s table.


Nearly 145,000 children in India are HIV+, and nearby 22,000 new infections occur every year. The children have a hard time struggling through life.

The affected children become orphans and suffer from severe poverty because society rejects them.

To donate to poor children who are fighting such a deadly ailment and help them get access to nutritious food and medical treatment.

Primary Education

A large section of children in India does not go to school. Millions of children are still denied their right to education because of extreme poverty levels.

So help a child in need by making a donation for the education of poor children and support them with necessities like tuition fees, school supplies, footwear etc.

Help in creating a future that will make them escape.

Donate to children in extreme need and help them with resources like food, medical care, livelihood resources, sanitation, education, etc. So that they can have a normal life

Under Funded

Donate to programs that provide the poor children with necessities like food, shelter, education, senior care, and better healthcare.

These non-profits organizations are struggling to continue to help people as they are not receiving the necessary support.

So help a child in need with your donations.